Klaus Vogel and the Bad Lads

"When a German refugee moves to a small English town in the aftermath of World War II, he’s an outsider. The gang decide to take Klaus under their wing, but their increasingly hateful pranks under the leadership of new lad Joe cause Klaus to question their actions. A powerful and emotive tale about standing up to bullies."

- Book cover illustration, cover hand lettering and inner illustrations for the upcoming David Almond story, published by Barrington Stoke, UK

Jenny’s Choice

Karam loves his new country, his new city, his new school - it’s a fresh start. The only problem is Alex, the school bully. He won’t leave Karam alone and it’s starting to tarnish his shiny new life. But when Karam makes a new friend who promises to help deal with Alex, things start to change. Who is Jenny and what power does she have over Alex?”

Cover illustration, 12 spread illustrations and hand lettering
author: Catherine MacPhail / publisher: Barrington Stoke, UK